About the Department

Robotics and automation focuses on the design and development of intelligent robot systems which can be deployed in different environments to replace or assist humans in monotonous tasks or in dangerous environments. In recent years, robotic research also focuses on the construction of human friendly robots, especially for home and service industries. With advancement in technologies, the robotic systems will be able to perceive the environments and act on a given task with capability on par or better than that of humans. A robot may also have the ability to move around in a given environment. Robotic systems may range from industrial robots, humanoid robots, mobile robots, biomimetic robots, flying robot, unmanned vehicles, etc. There are also wearable robotic systems such as exoskeleton or assistive device which can be used for rehabilitation and enhancement of human’s stamina and strength. In general, robotic systems and combination of automation can be applied to improve productivity, security and also to assist humans in challenging tasks.

Scope of the Department

  • According to data from the Robotic Industry Association, the market for industrial robots continues to rise. Robotic science has a tremendous scope as a career option as robots play an important role in the industrial sector.
  • A robotics engineer takes care of all the aspects of creating a robot such as robot designing, maintenance, testing, and proper functioning, etc.
  • Automotive is pitching up because of benefits from newer robotics technology, hence the programme enhances the students skills in robotics engineering and better chance to get more placements and also enable the students to pursue higher Studies.